Daily Routines

Daily Routines

If you know me, you are aware I'm a creature of habit. It's in my Human Design and I perform best if my routine is the same from day to day. 


Here is a typical timeline of my daily routine:

 - wake up (without an alarm)
 - take morning supplements
 - - 5g Strate Stacked (Creatine) in my first cup of coffee
 - - 6 Strate Aminos (Essential Amino Acids)
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 - - 1 scoop of Uminus20
 - get behind the computer and begin working
 - run red and infrared light therapy (joovv light) on shins to activate mitochondria

 - walk the dog in the woods alone (no cellphone or music)
 - @marco_the_boston if you want a quick laugh

 - breakfast (same meal every day)
 - - 3 heritage eggs over easy
 - - 1 cup of sushi rice
 - - 1/2 avocado
 - check emails, finish up morning work

// See some of my favorite meals // 

- structured workout
 - - on bike T, W, Th and Sat, Sun
 - - lifting and running on M, F
 - 10 minutes of red light therapy
 - 10 minutes of UVA + UBV therapy

 - lunch
 - - a protein (salmon, grouper, steak, lamb, pork)
 - - a vegetable (broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, beets)
 - - a carb (sweet potato)

 - back to work and afternoon meetings

 - dinner with my wife Chris
 - similar menu as lunch

 - relaxation time
 - recovery with Normatec Boots or Theragun
 - movie with Chris
 - bed time!

It's not perfect, and it doesn't always go as planned! But by starting my morning the same every day I proactively take steps to have a successful day.

Loading up with Creatine, Aminos and other high performing supplements triggers my body immediately into performance mode. It's also my first step to reaching my protein goal for the day (170g) to help stay lean and keep my bones strong (I'm getting old man!).

I see people that wake up and eat high carb / high sugar breakfasts (donuts, bagels, orange juice, milk, etc.) immediately spike their glucose and from my experience, feel heavy and sluggish when it's time to workout or get to important tasks.

Do you find that you perform better in life with a routine?

Do you like chaos and perform best responding to life as it comes at you?

Leave a comment and let us know! Everybody is different! 

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