Dirty South Roubaix

March 06, 2022 2 min read

Dirty South Roubaix

Yesterday I did an awesome gravel event in Southern Illinois called Dirty South Roubaix. It's a 100k course with great hard packed gravel, paved sections, loose sandy sections and even some of the chunky stuff.

There are plenty of steep climbs and fun descents. One of the climbs forces riders to hike! There were multiple water crossing and a great long stretch of headwind along the levy as we traveled south.

I was attending the event with two of my Cinch athletes and my goal was to help them win their own personal rides!

The event was warm for March (shorts and short sleeves!). I carried 3 bottles of Strate prototype mix and also packed some red skin potatoes and dates for solid food.

I rode with my athlete that was just getting into racing from the start to about mile 18 where he suffered a mechanical that took him out.

I went into "TT mode" on the levy going at 305w for 44 minutes and passing lots of groups in the headwind. I was hoping to catch my second athlete, but she had plans for a podium and I knew she was doing well as I passed some of the more respected riders in the event.

On the last paved climb of the day I spotted her up the road and went deep to catch up and ride in to the finish with her.

It was a great day! Strate superfuel was perfect, but learning I'm going to need a hydration pack for these events over 4 hours. 3 bottles just isn't enough fluid.

On to the next day of testing tomorrow!

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