Finding your perfect CYCLING weight

Finding your perfect CYCLING weight

Today we held a webinar discussing Matt's recent success at becoming a much leaner cyclist. 

I don't care if you are a pro athlete ️️🚴, or a guy that likes to ride to the pub for a beer. 🍻

We'll show you the secret to getting a lean muscular composition that will help you ride faster in just weeks. 💪

I did it. You can too!!  👊



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What kinds of meals do you eat to get your 40g of protein?
Check our blog post Meal Plans for Endurance Athletes for some great examples!

Should I be tracking my calories?
That depends on your goals. I would say if you are over 18% body fat and are trying to lose weight, adding protein as we discussed will help. But, tracking calories and journaling what you eat will often help you discover the calories you could cut out that aren't providing resources your body needs to perform.

How low does Matt want to get his body fat percentage?
I'm not really focused on that, but if it naturally drops a few more percentage points over the next few months that's ok. I'm really just focused on my bike performance and letting the body turn into what it needs to in order to perform.

Does Vision Quest offer additional testing?
OH YES! In addition to Dexa Scan, they offer Vo2 Max, Resting Metabolic Rate, Sodium and Sweat, Lactic Threshold, testing and Nutrition Consultations.

Does Matt attribute his power increase to the training, nutrition, or supplements?
It's all three! I'm on the best training plan in the game with Cinch Cycling. I use supplements to keep my body in the normal range based on quarterly blood tests. But I have to say, nutrition and additional protein consumption has changed my body composition more in the last 3 months than anything I've been doing for 10 years. Supplementing with Creatine and Aminos has been the other addition over the last 3 months.


5 Responses

Matt Tanner
Matt Tanner

August 07, 2023

Will – Part of the beauty of this plan is you WILL be full with that much protein and you won’t want to eat other filler junk that results in fat.

But to answer your question. I have been trying to use Amino Acids as an add on to my real food to make sure I get over the 40g threshold. For example, 4 eggs in my breakfast is only 28g of protein. So I add on some amino acids to make up the difference.

But in general, when I eat meat (steak or fish) I usually hit the threshold no problem.

Matt Breeden
Matt Breeden

April 26, 2023

Matt & Chris – Wanted to update you on my high protein progress. After your Feb webinar I started tracking my protein intake and targeted 120g per day, making sure to always get 100g. Previously, I was getting about 80g. I eat primarily plant based, so this is 95%+ plant protein.

I’ve seen a number of changes. First, I’ve set all-time power PRs in everything from 2-45min duration on the bike in the last 3weeks!🔥 I’ve also gained almost 10lbs! 😳 Some is certainly muscle, but I can tell some is not. A Dexascan is in my future to dial this in for sure!

I think one mistake I’ve made is that I’m not tracking calories overall and have basically just added more protein to my existing diet. Yeah, I know that math doesn’t work and adds up to weight gain. 🤦‍♂️ I’m going to rectify that and start matching my calories to my Whoop, which is what I had previously done with good results. Not sure why I stopped.

Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks! I think higher protein is providing me some very real cycling strength gains.

Matt Tanner
Matt Tanner

March 07, 2023

Hey Will, you can supplement as much as you need to reach the 40g of protein. We have seen some people take too many EAA’s. She took just aminos for two of her meals in one day and had to lay down and rest for 3 hrs.

Obviously our bodies need real food too! But using the Strate Aminos to push you over the 40g goal is what I do every morning with my breakfast.

Josh Ginsburg
Josh Ginsburg

March 07, 2023

Despite rewriting nearly my entire Power Catalogue, enjoying a level of professional service in which I receive a consistently and timely detailed workout schedule, have been the recipient of an incredibly helpful nutritionist, and performed to my goal expectations at several events in 2022, it wasn’t until today, 18 months since first engaging and after a month of listening to Matt and Christine relative to moving more macros to protein, and saw myself hit a new top power number (controlled… I could have gone higher) am I now ready to fully, confidently, and strongly endorse Matt Tanner as a Coach, the Cinch training system and Christine Tanner for her professional nutritional leadership.

I’ve probably spent the last decade plus not consuming enough protein, and telling myself that my weight loss was singularly positive for my performance. While my healthy racing weight is somewhere between 147-153 depending on the day, I was stripping muscle to get there. I was never truly recovering and fueling in a way to achieve protein synthesis. I’m still early days, but to achieve a new max power, simply coming out a turn, on a group ride indicates that I have more room to increase. And this was NEVER on my radar as a possibility. I feel strong, fit, and fresh.

Working with Matt is great. He is a consummate professional. Workouts are loaded every Sunday. He maintains an electronic calendar to schedule Monday consults. He hosts a weekly Friday group discussion with various topics brought forward by either the enclave, his own journey or Tommy. And he communicates regularly by app or text. He regularly modifies training when called for and isn’t scared to challenge your choices or straight up tell you “NO”! (He might get that from Christine… experienced when she helped me shop for protein… virtually).

If you’re at a place where you want to get more serious about training, question if your best days are behind you or simply want to make a real lifestyle change to experience your best days ahead, text/call/email Matt or Chris. You won’t regret it. I promise. – Josh G.

Will Martens
Will Martens

March 07, 2023

I am 5"7’, 154 lbs. I am 60 and a Cinch Cyclist. Tom is my coach. My question is does it matter how much you supplement to get to the 40 grams vs eating real food? Eating 40 grams of protein at a meal seems like it would make me feel really full.

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