Hincapie Gran Fondo - Race Report

October 24, 2021 2 min read

Hincapie Gran Fondo - Race Report

Still going over the ride mentally a day after the Fondo. I started about 300 riders back with Beast and Nick. The start was nuts and we were moving up as quickly as possible. It took about 40min to get to the front of the group!

Once there, the juniors continued to RIP up all the rollers. It was total carnage! Approaching Lake Lanier, I had a moment where I thought I was dropped. I went deep to just stay on the wheel in front of me and made it around the lake.

There, GH sat up with some of the pros for a nature break and up the road was just 4 guys. I went after them using Low Threshold. When I got close, 3 turned off on the 50mi route!

I went from redlined to position 2! I chased the first rider but he was absolutely flying. Went solo the rest of the way.

Each climb I was out ridden by some of the lighter riders going for the overall KOM (congrats Carson!). But many of them stopped at the rest stops after the climbs and I continued on making up positions and riding fast on the "flats".

At the last loop approaching Green River Cove, it was me and Carson riding together. Quite a way back from the first rider. Carson torched it up the climb and I never saw him again until the finish.

I was able to limp home for third place overall. Happy with the result for an old TT guy from Indiana flat lands!

-- myWindsock Report --
Weather Impact: -1.3%
Headwind: 55% @ 2.8-9.8mph
Longest Headwind: 29m 45s
Air Speed: 19.5mph
Temp: 10.7-20°C
Precip: 11% @ 0 Inch/hr
-- END --



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