Tucson Training Camp

Tucson Training Camp

I just returned home from training for two weeks in Tucson. It's an annual trip I've been making for the last 10 years with some of my favorite teammates since Tom Danielson introduced me to the area.

The first week was a camp with my club Rollfast. We kept it low stress (with the exception of a lodging debacle) and focused on doing our workouts each day. We found that Mt. Lemmon was the perfect playground for doing intervals and spent most of our time there.

Rollfast Camp - the OG's

The week flew by, training and fueling were great and we were getting into a real flow with our daily schedule. Then, it was time to switch camps!

Saturday began our second camp hosted by Cinch Cycling. We started the day with a recon ride up to Windy Point. I rode with my new house mate Gunnar and enjoyed pacing him up. At the top, there are great views and we took a moment to grab a pic.

Windy Point with Gunnar

Sunday was my birthday and I took plenty of spankings on the ride. We organized a race simulation on Pistol Hill. It was by far the hardest day of camp where I went deep closing a break away solo. I rejoined the break and was able to drop the pros and finish second on the line.

The rest of the week was awesome. We practiced technique, had a skills clinic, did another race simulation up Mt. Lemmon, and did sprint lead out practice.

If you ever get the chance to ride or train with a former UCI Pro cyclist, take the opportunity and absorb as many tips as you can. These camps have taught me lessons over the lasts 10 years that can't be replicated in your local race or group rides.

At dinner during the Cinch Camp, lots of people were asking me about Strate Superfuel and my nutrition regimen. Several tired samples of Strate and loved the flavor and performance benefits. For nutritional information, I referred a lot of people to my source - Christine Tanner.

I'd be missing a major piece of camp if I didn't mention these people.

Morgan and Matt
Morgan Chaffin is an athlete I've been coaching for several months. She's been dominating the weekend Zwift races and she showed up to camp and impressed all! She was riding with top level pros from around the country and holding her own ever day.

Sean and Matt
Chef Sean Fowler is the Chef for Lotto DSTNY Pro cycling team. He's been cooking at our camps for 10 years and he brings not only great food, but a vibe to camp that makes everybody smile.

Stephen and Matt
Stephen Strayer, my teammate for many years and fellow Cinch coach. Stephen, you've been through a lot since 2020 and it was so awesome to see you riding like the old you and breaking lifetime PR's on Lemmon!

Tom Danielson - CinchTom Danielson has been my coach for many years now! His training techniques flat out work, and a I said above, if you get chance to ride with him, you are going to learn so much. He can't stop sharing his knowledge.

Christine Tanner - Nutrition CoachChristine Tanner... my rock! You keep me lean, fast, healthy, and most importantly happy. Life would mean nothing to me if you weren't in it. The last two weeks apart were difficult. I'm so happy to be back home with you and the energy we share!

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