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Perfect Cadence

This digital download gives you the confidence you need to know when it's time to SPIN TO WIN. I discuss modern cycling riders like Chris Froome and Lance Armstrong that made high cadence all the buzz in the cycling world.


We look at top level pros like Jan Ulrich and Nario Quintana that utilize low cadence in contrast to win.


✨✨ The magic of this download is in the conclusion. ✨✨


I show you how to utilize both high and low cadence to become a lethal opponent at your next event.


This is a technique I learned from Tom Danielson. It enabled a climber to compete at Time Trials in stage races that were critical to the overall GC.


I've utilized this technique in my TT races, but it also works for group rides, gravel, and mountain biking.


Download today and get the STRATE Knowledge!

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